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Retrain Your Brain and...CRUSH IT!

Point to Ponder:

Within your iGnite experience, what limiting thoughts do you have?

Last week while attending an iGnite Austin class (Total Body Training) I noticed that 2 year member, Carolyn Meakin was "crushin' it"! This was not an isolated incident with Carolyn or any of our amazing members, as "crushin' it" in life and in class is ongoing and reoccurring, but for Carolyn, her all-in commitment to herself (through iGnite) has been obvious, as every time I see her in person or via iGnite pictures she's running faster, moving with ease, is physically stronger and her body continues to change. As a result, I approached Carolyn to let her know the differences I noticed, at which she confidently and without hesitation responded , "Thank you! I've been iGniting for two years now and what I've realized is there's nothing I can't do. When I first began there were things I told myself I couldn't do, but now realize I can do anything."

First, can I get an amen!!! Second, rather than deny my compliment, she embraced and accepted it, which was incredible! Third, she has retrained her brain to reject limiting thoughts and now believes she can do anything, at which she can and is doing. Hallelujah!!!!

As a result, my question for us this week is a simple one: Within iGnite (exercise, community, classes), what limiting thoughts are preventing you from crush'in it? Some common untruths and/or limited thoughts are:

  • I'm too old

  • I'm not strong enough to take her class

  • I'm not a morning person

  • I'm too inflexible to try yoga

  • I'm too busy and don't have enough time

  • My core isn't strong enough for Pilates

  • I'm not a good enough swimmer and don't like cold water so I can't take swim classes

  • I'm injured and can't exercise

  • I'm bad at.....

  • I have two left feet so I can't take Dance Fit

  • I'm not in good enough shape

  • I have too many things to do at home

  • I don't have good enough balance

  • I don't know anyone in the class

  • I've never taken her class before and am afraid it will be too hard or I won't like it

  • I don't know where the location/park is

  • I'm an introvert and won't fit in

  • I've taken too much time off and it's too hard to come back

  • I'm too easily distracted to attend yoga and need to move faster

  • I used to be a runner but I'm not anymore so I can't run

  • I don't like exercising indoors

  • I don't like exercising outside

Here's what I have to say about all of these limiting thoughts: they're normal and I have them too, but we must begin retraining our brain and adopt an everyday can-do attitude, do it anyway and crush it! Like I wrote in this summer's confidence journals, often times these limiting thoughts come from the insecure 12 year old who lives inside of us, or the person in our life who told us we couldn't or didn't model a can-do attitude. Sadly, we've taken him/her at their word. Specifically for women, we simply believe everyone and everything comes before our needs, which is an untruth and limiting thought that needs to change.

The truth is, yes, we are all getting older, but it doesn't mean we're old and can't crush it! Your iGnite team is brilliant, equipped, ready, willing and able to provide you with modifications and different options to exercises that aren't feeling right for your body. Furthermore, we're always evolving so what you once didn't like or enjoy may now feel fabulous and provide you with an amazing experience.

There has and will always be a battle over your mind. Our mind has the ability to be our most fierce ally or destructive enemy, and like everything, it's our choice. So, this week and as it specifically relates to iGnite and our Class Blast Challenge, I urge you to capture your limiting, untrue thoughts, and retrain your brain by telling yourself you can... and CRUSH IT!


Action Item:

As it relates to your iGnite experience, capture your limiting, untrue thoughts and retrain your brain by telling yourself you can...and CRUSH IT!


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