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iGnite Your Life with Online Fitness Classes

Explore fitness classes designed to fit seamlessly into your life, anytime, anywhere.

When life gets busy, the first thing to get pushed aside is often yourself. Join a community of women finding ways to prioritize their health despite a demanding schedule and reclaim control over your well-being with flexible at-home workout options!


 LIVE Classes


Workout with the iGnite community on a LIVE video call. Get an invigorating total-body burn in under an hour, all from the comfort of your own home.


After each class, stick around and chat with the iGnite community. Share fitness goals, discover upcoming events, and build connections that keep you motivated!


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Can't make a LIVE class or just have a crazy schedule? No problem!


We offer full access to our STUDIO online so you take any of our classes at your convenience.  Morning, noon, or night, HIIT, Tabata, Strength, Sculpt or Stretch, take them when and where works best for you.

Hear From Our Community 

Explore Our Online Fitness Classes

Choose from a variety of workout classes to meet your needs. Don't be afraid to switch it up and try something new. All fitness levels are welcome in every class. 

Recommended equipment for each class is listed on the iGnite schedule. 



This dynamic class blends strength training with Pilates-inspired moves to sculpt your muscles while improving flexibility.



Tone your body with progressive strength training using free weights and bodyweight exercises. Great for all fitness levels. 



Unleash your inner warrior with this high-energy workout that combines punching and kicking drills with cardio conditioning. 



This low-impact class offers a safe and effective workout for all, focusing on flexibility, and strength without stressing your joints.



Unwind and release tension with this restorative stretch class. Improve your flexibility, reduce muscle soreness, and find your inner zen.



Ignite your metabolism and maximize calorie burn with high-intensity interval training that pushes your limits in short bursts.



Build a rock-solid foundation with targeted exercises that strengthen your abs, back, and glutes for improved posture and overall performance.


iGnite Your Life  

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Get started now by checking out our membership options for LIVE At-Home and STUDIO Online classes or sign-up for your FREE 2-week trial. 

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