Women in the iGnite program undergo a metamorphosis as their bodies and spirits strengthen through exercise and inspiration. Below are the words of a number of our members talking about how joining iGnite has impacted their lives.

“I’m really enjoying the (Zoom) classes at home! I'm not typically able to do them at the live times, but I've been accessing them later and love having the full video library to choose from. It's been a really positive addition to my exercise to have access to so many great classes. I'm definitely benefiting from increased strength training and not feeling bored by workouts. So thank you for your classes and all of the great options!”

Caroline P.

“I could not get up and go to work and come home and take care of my family without the love and energy I get from iGnite! You all feed my soul and body!”


“Just want to let you know how much I love the virtual class video library!  It’s SO GREAT to have and I’m going to have to use it a bit while we navigate our weird school times.”

Jamie M.

I joined ignite because I needed to shake things up… I had been doing the same old workout and had lost my motivation… Ignite has probably had the single greatest impact on my health. It pushes me out of my comfort zone, gives me a full workout—stretching, strength and cardio—in the most efficient way.

Palmer Q.

I believe in life balance, and as a working mom and wife, I need to exercise to keep my mind clear, calm and focused. At iGnite I have the opportunity to get my body and mind stronger, in a very positive and caring environment. I really love starting my week doing cardio or cross training, and finishing with yoga! I feel extremely lucky as I get to enjoy the early morning outside and the wonderful Austin parks at 6am before my work day.

Laura M.

iGnite is the highlight of living in Austin! I have lived in Austin for 25 years and tried numerous bootcamps, pilates studios and gyms. Nothing has helped me to stay in shape, build relationships with women, and enjoy the outdoors like iGnite has.

As a small business owner, I love that it is a creation of another Austin woman, and supports young women, working women, mothers and overall makes us all stronger as we get older.

My greatest joy is sharing iGnite with my young adult daughter. The bonding time between us is precious, and I love that she has so many wonderful female role models. 

Sam M.

As an original member of iGnite (10 years ago!), I can truly say it was one of the best decisions of my life. My original goal was to get in shape, but there is so much more to the experience. iGnite offers so many different classes that there is something for everyone. As a 62 year old grandmother, my needs are ever changing. When my body is cooperating, I will attend a cross training class at one of the many wonderful outdoor locations. Having the choice for a low impact class is a bonus. Twice a week, I love to attend a swim class. I was never a swimmer before, but have found it to be a great option for lifelong exercise. We always relax and chat in the hot tub after our swim workout. iGnite also offers several refreshing yoga classes to “iGnite” the body and calm the spirit throughout the week.


I have had several accidents/injuries in the past five years (unrelated to exercising). Instead of stopping my exercise routine, I have always been able to adapt and find a class that is right for me while I heal. Being able to exercise outdoors when the weather is appropriate and having perfect instructors for every class makes you want to come back again and again! I must say, however, it is the nurturing of the spirit that has been the unexpected bonus for me. I have made so many new friends and participated in so many new experiences. I have a renewed sense of inner peace that comes from taking care of myself and the nurturing of my mind, body and soul at iGnite.

Cindy H.

iGnite has been one of the most important things in my life since it was founded 10 years ago! While I always enjoyed exercising, I never stuck with one program for more than a year or so. iGnite has evolved and expanded over the years and kept me enthusiastic about working out since the beginning.

One of the reasons I stay involved is the opportunity to be outside in beautiful Austin all year long. Another reason I keep returning is the variety of classes that are offered from cardio work outs, low impact cross training, and yoga (just to name a few)! The main reasons I love iGnite are the Leaders and the wonderful friends I get to be with in the classes that I choose to attend. They nurture our minds, bodies, and souls and make us more positive people in this world! 

Louise P.

I chose the unlimited plan to try to push myself to do more and also because of the price value… It is a wonderful way to start the day, it keeps me feeling strong and flexible. All of the instructors and all the women who iGnite inpire me to keep moving, to play and to love life!

Kathy H.

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