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Our At-Home Workout Equipment Must-Haves

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

To have a great start for your at-home workout program, we recommend having these 4 basic items on hand (also pictured above):

At-Home Workout Equipment Starter Kit:

  1. Resistance Band Loops: These are great for using in a variety of lower body and core exercises. We love putting them around the ankles or knees for inner and outer thigh work and to add another challenging element to core exercises. Try these by Perform Better (blue is heavy resistance, green is medium resistance)

  2. Exercise Ball i.e. Pilates Ball, Barre Ball, or Mini Exercise Ball: These also have limitless uses! We like this one on Amazon

  3. One pair each of Light (3-6lbs), Medium (8-12lbs) & Heavy (15-25lbs) Dumbbells: They're pretty self-explanatory, but adding weights and strength training to your exercise routine will maximize your efforts and results and take your workouts to a new level if you aren't strength training already! You can grab yours anywhere like Amazon, Target, Walmart, Academy or Dick's Sporting Goods.

  4. Yoga Mat: A little padding and slip-resistance goes a long way in at-home workouts. We like this extra-thick mat from Yoga Accessories that comes in a variety of fun colors

Additional Bonus Equipment Recommendations

Once you have your 4 basics covered and you're looking to add some variety and new challenges to your at-home workouts, consider adding these 4 iGnite favorites:

1. Gliding Discs We like these for use on hardwood and these for use on carpet

2. Physioball: We like this one

3. Pilates Magic Circle: Grab one here on Amazon

4. TheraBand Resistance Band: The blue/intermediate band is great for upper & lower body exercises. Get yours here on Amazon

We hope this gets you off to a good start for your at-home workout routine!

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