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Our At Home Workout Equipment Recommendations

Updated: Feb 3

exercise equipment

To have a great start for your at home workout program, we recommend having these 4 basic items on hand (also pictured above):

At-Home Workout Equipment Starter Kit

1. Booty Band/Closed Loop Resistance Band

These are great for using in a variety of lower body,

resistance bands

core and upper body exercises. We love putting them around the ankles or knees for inner and outer thigh work and to add another challenging element to core and upper body exercises.

Try THIS set from Amazon for $12.95

2. 9-Inch Pilates Ball

We love using this ball for a variety of exercises, especially when

focusing on ab and inner thigh work.

exercise ball

It stores easily and is an effective piece of equipment

We like THIS ONE from Amazon for $9.99

3. Set of Light, Medium and Heavy Dumbbells

This is pretty self-explanatory, but adding weights and strength training to your exercise routine will maximize your efforts and results and take your workouts to a new level if you aren't strength training already! You can grab yours anywhere like Amazon, Target, Walmart, Academy or Dick's Sporting Goods. To start, we recommend a 5, 8 and 10 pound set.

The neoprene and rubber coated dumbbells ones from Amazon work great! The neoprene are slightly cheaper. For three pair (5, 8 and 10), the investment will be between $75-100.

4. Gorilla Mat and Or Yoga Mat

A little padding and slip-resistance goes a long way in our At Home

workouts. While is more of an investment, we love the large Gorilla mat! They come in many sizes, roll up and store very easily.

With free shipping, prices start at $150.00

If you're wanting a yoga mat too, we highly recommend this extra-thick

variety of colorful yoga mats

mat 1/4 inch non-slip yoga mat from Amazon or Yoga Accessories HERE.

Prices are around $20 per mat.

women smiling and workout out

Additional Bonus Equipment Recommendations

Once you have your 4 basics covered and you're looking to add some variety and new challenges to your At Home workouts, consider adding these 6 iGnite favorites to your at home workout equipment needs:

1. Pot Holders for Sliding

colorful pot holders

We know this sounds strange, but we love pot holders for sliding on hardwood, concrete or carpet. You can use what you have at home or grab them HERE

2. Riser/Bench

We use a riser a few times each month.

orange and black exercise bench

We love them because they add extra challenge and depth to the workout that we wouldn't be able to achieve otherwise.

Grab yours from Amazon HERE, for $45.00

3. Kettlebell

blue kettlebell

While having a kettlebell isn't necessary, there are some exercises and workouts that just work better with one! Starting with a 15lb one is great.

We like this one from Amazon, for $25.00

4. Adjustable Ankle and Wrist Weights

colorful ankle and wrist weights

When we sculpt, we love using the 2.5 lb ankle and wrist weights.They add just the right amount for sculpting and are adjustable too.

We like these from Amazon, for $17.

5. BOSU Ball

blue balance ball

BOSU stands for BALANCE ON BOTH SIDES, and we need balance! A strong and balanced body and core helps us to stay injury free, which is why we like training on the BOSU Ball. It adds an extra challenge to our workouts and we like that!

We like THIS ONE from Amazon, for $99.99

6. 36-Inch Foam Roller

Foam rolling is so good for the body, but we also like to use it as a prop,

black foam roller

to lie on during pec strengthening exercises and other various exercises.

We like THIS ONE from Amazon, for $19.99

We hope this gets you off to a good start for your At Home workout routine and we can't wait to iGnite with you At Home!


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