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It's Quitin' Time

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Point to Ponder:

What is not serving you and therefore need to quit?

In March 2017 I wrote a Sunday Journal called Quit Something. I got the idea from the book Love Does. The author, Bob Goff, shared that every Thursday he quits something. Two years ago I thought this was an excellent weekly exercise because it requires us to regularly stop and evaluate our actions and life, including any pesky habits that aren't serving us. Today and as we approach Lent, I think it’s the perfect time to quit something(s), again. Plus, if I have talked to you since November then you’ve heard me complain about how dang cold it is in Tulsa, and frankly, I’m tired of hearing myself complain and I’m sure you are too! So, I’m quitin’ the complaining about cold weather.

To get your quitin’ juices flowing, below are 25 examples. Whatever you decide to quit, if you slip up, no one says you can’t keep choosing that same habit to quit each Thursday:

  • Quit saying ‘I’m sorry’ and replace it with ‘Thank you’. (Ex. If you are late to a function and everyone waited on you, rather than profusely apologize, greet your group with “Thank you so much for waiting on me!”. Though there’s nothing wrong with a sincere apology and many times they are necessary, women tend to over apologize. Plus,gratitude is always the winner)

  • Quit complaining

  • Quit wishing, waiting, over thinking and doubting yourself

  • Quit comparing yourself to others or who you were yesterday

  • Quit talking

  • Quit the glorification of being busy

  • Quit being late

  • Quit eating on the go or in your car

  • Quit going to bed past 10:00 p.m.

  • Quit being a consumer of things

  • Quit saying anything negative about yourself or others

  • Quit worrying and being afraid

  • Quit looking at social media

  • Quit drinking sugary drinks, including wine

  • Quit using the word “like”

  • Quit using your phone while enjoying a meal with other people

  • Quit doing at least one thing for your kids, regardless of their age

  • Quit settling in relationships

  • Quit yelling

  • Quit gossiping or reading gossip magazines

  • Quit eating fast food

  • Quit saying “yes”

  • Quit saying “no”

  • Quit looking at your phone before bedtime

  • Quit trying to gain the approval of others

Happy Quitin’ and Happy Lent!


Action Item

Evaluate your actions, life and any habits that aren't serving you. Pick one thing that isn't serving you and quit it.

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