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Pesto Chicken and Green Beans Recipe

chicken breast with pesto and green beans


You guys have been loving the recipes in our new 30-day high protein, low carb and nutrient dense meal plan! Maybe because it makes it so very easy to get a quick, healthy, family-friendly meal on the table with minimal summertime thinking required. Or maybe because they're just so tasty!

This latest low carb, high protein recipe could not be simpler with store bought pesto, a bag of green beans and chicken breasts. It's been well received and devoured by adults, kids and grandkids - quite a recommendation! If you (or your kiddos) want, you can also add a baked (or sweet) potato on the side.

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Prep time: 10 minutes

Cook time: 15 minutes


  • 4 tbsp (50g) pre-made pesto sauce made with olive oil (homemade pesto is super easy! Check out this recipe)

  • 3, 5oz (142g) boneless, skinless chicken breasts

  • 8 oz (227g) green beans trimmed

  • 1 tbsp (14g) olive oil


  1. Warm large skillet on the stove over medium heat.

  2. Coat chicken breast with pesto sauce.

  3. Add chicken to the skillet and cook for 8 minutes on one side.

  4. Flip the chicken and add green beans and remaining olive oil.

  5. Cook until chicken is cooked through (internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit).

✅ Servings: 3 ✅ Nutritional Information per serving: Calories: 305, Carbohydrate: 7, Protein: 38, Fat: 13


If you have leftover pesto, we recommend freezing it by filling your ice tray with pesto and then placing it in your freezer. You can use it for up to three months.

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