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Leader Spotlight: Meet Austin Leader, Kathleen Parker!

We have some incredible iGnite leaders! They come at fitness from different backgrounds, are at different places in their lives, and have different strengths (pun intended), but all share our passion for providing an encouraging, inspiring, and empowering health and fitness community for women. This week, let's meet Kathleen!

Favorite exercise song?

Right now it is "Courageous" by Casting Crowns

What do you usually do right after class?

I go workout, then water ski usually, but on Monday and Friday I play Pickleball, THEN water ski .

Who's your biggest motivator or cheerleader?

All the women in my classes!!! They are daily encouragers and lift me up every morning!

What do you mutter while doing burpees?


What's your go-to meal you don't need a recipe for?

Salmon--Just put in a pan with foil and pour Kikkoman Teriyaki marinade and Montreal Chicken seasoning on and bake at 350 for 20 minutes. EASY and YUMMY!

Favorite word?


What's your pre or post workout breakfast?

Smoothie with hefty amounts of protein powder, peanut butter, a banana, spinach, blueberries, almond milk and cinnamon. Yum!

What's one thing you make sure to do each day?

Check out the sunset over the lake, get coffee ready for morning, lots of eye cream, and try and read but usually I fall asleep about 5 minutes in.

What's saving you right now (seriously or humorously)?

Living on Lake Austin!! OMG!!! It has changed my world! I now truly believe you are 90% Happier IN, ON OR NEAR WATER--proven fact!! I am so lucky!!!

What's your Friday Night cocktail of choice?


What's your indulgence and is it daily, weekly, whenever you need it? Mani/Pedi every 3 weeks, but my main indulgence is being on the lake every day--I still can't believe I live right here on the water--THAT is indulgent

What's something we'd be surprised to learn about you?

I eat lots of unhealthy food--lots! Pam's Pimento Cheese--a pint a day, and lots of chocolate-chocolate malt balls, HUGE Chocolate milk every night, and fried anything and everything!!

What's your favorite thing about iGnite?


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