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Leader Spotlight: Meet San Diego Leader, Carissa Seaton!

We have some incredible iGnite leaders! They come at fitness from different backgrounds, are at different places in their lives, and have different strengths (pun intended), but all share our passion for providing an encouraging, inspiring, and empowering health and fitness community for women. As you’ll read, Carissa has moved around. A LOT. And that’s how she found iGnite, by looking for community after she moved across the country from New Jersey to San Diego. She joined us in classes, but we soon realized she was an even better fit as a leader. Carissa is the perfect example of so much of what’s fundamental in iGnite – a sense of community, fun and friends, and the flexibility, variety and support to grow with you however that looks for you.

 Please enjoy meeting the charismatic, Carissa!

Favorite exercise song?

That depends on the day for sure. Love basically all kinds of music- country, rap, hip hop, pop music- you name it!

What do you usually do right after class?

Talk to the ladies!

What's your go-to meal you don't need a recipe for?


Favorite word?


What's your pre or post workout breakfast?


How do you treat yourself?

Baths and pedicures!

Who's your biggest motivator or cheerleader?

Trying to make that answer be myself, but really Brené Brown, I LOVE her.

What's one thing you make sure to do each night?

Read fiction, I am a voracious reader and usually go through 2-3 novels a week. It’s Thursday and I am starting my 3rd novel :) not quite as fast with non-fiction so I tend to listen to those through audible in my car.

What's saving you right now (seriously or humorously)?

I recently finished grad school so trying to catch up on sleep.

What do you mutter while doing burpees?

I can’t write that here, but it rhymes with stuck.

What's something we'd be surprised to learn about you?

I've lived in 3 different countries and 5 states, all the continental USA timezones! I only have 7 states to visit to all 50.

What's your favorite thing about iGnite?

The community- this is my happy place!

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