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Power of WE Podcast Episode 1: Professional and Affordable Tips to Declutter and Organize Your Home

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

plastic bins for makeup

Our surroundings often reflect our mental state and a clutter-free home isn't just about aesthetics; it's about nurturing your mental and physical well-being and health. As someone who has a propensity for clutter and disorganization, I share my recent and very impactful experience when transitioning our home from the summer season to "back to school", and the process of decluttering and organizing. I had an amazing conversation with Amy Brady, a Professional Organizer in Austin, TX and Founder of The Clutter Consultants. Amy highlights the different areas of the home, from the kitchen to the closet and includes practical and affordable ways for tackling the clutter and organizing. Listen to the podcast on Spotify HERE or YouTube below, and see all of Amy's practical recommendations in this blog post.

3 Tips to Declutter & Organize Your Kitchen and Pantry

Now is a great time to toss expired or stale food. Donate food that may not fit your current diet or that you truly are not going to eat. Consider these tips for effective pantry organization:

  • Prioritize accessibility by storing small items at eye level and larger items on lower shelves

  • Ensure convenience by keeping daily-use items within easy reach and designating upper or lower shelves for less frequently used items

  • Place heavy items on lower shelves and lighter items up top

Have you ever experienced the disappointment of reaching for a granola bar in the pantry, only to discover an empty box? Transform your snacking routine by unpacking and transferring snacks into containers.

plastic snack organizer

4-Pack Snack Organizers

This not only makes it easier to “grab & go,” but also allows you to quickly assess when supply is running low.

lazy susans

Lazy Susans

Incorporate Lazy Susans to ensure that oils & vinegars, condiments, spices and vitamins are not only easily accessible but also effortlessly within your reach. Lazy Susans come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Measure your cabinet or shelf and take an inventory of what you’re storing in order to choose a Lazy Susan that will best fit your space and needs.

2 Coat Hanger Tricks for the Closet

What percentage of your clothing collection do you actually wear? Try this trick and you’ll see! Turn all of the hangers in your closet around backwards. After you wear an item, rehang it the correct way. After several months, you’ll have a very clear picture of what you wear and what you don’t. After a year, evaluate the items that you didn’t wear and consider donating or reselling them.

closet with hanging clothes

coat hanger rack

Hanger Holder

Need more hanging space? Rather than pulling an item off the hanger and leaving the empty hanger in place, remove the hanger and corral it in a hanger holder. Challenge: Pull all of the empty hangers scattered throughout your closet off the rod and put them together. Now measure – how many linear feet of hanging space did you re-gain simply by removing empty hangers?

2 Expert Bathroom Tips

How do you know when a beauty item has expired? Look for this symbol – the number inside indicates the product’s shelf life once opened. Keep a Sharpie in your bathroom and add the expiration date to products when you open them. This makes decluttering so much easier down-the-road.

plastic container

lastic makeup bin

Divided Bins

When organizing beauty products in the bathroom, keep routines and regimens in mind. This could mean arranging skincare products by morning routine and evening routine, rather than by product type. A couple of these divided bins are perfect for this method!


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