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Rory's Summer Travel Exercises, Stretch and Must Haves

When San Diego Class Leader Rory Smith travels, she always calls upon her Tabata Pro Timer app and hit the nearest park or beach to get her workout in. All she needs is a bench and she's good to go! She also never leaves home without her travel favorites.

Explosive Bench Step Ups is one of her favorites for both a fantastic strength and cardiovascular boost. Stepping up on a bench, launch off the ball of my right foot and draw the opposite (left) knee up towards my core. With athletic arms, draw the opposite arm up towards the sky. Alternate right and left starting foot. .

Tricep Dips is another favorite and a great way to work the hard to target muscles. With palms and finger tips facing forward, place hands on the bench and drop your seat to bench level. Extend your legs away from your body for added challenge. Drawing your shoulder blades together, bend and stretch at the elbow sending the elbows directly behind you. Be sure to keep your chest opened and your elbows wrapped in towards your rib cage. Shoulders should remain relaxed and away from your ears to keep this exercise isolated in your tricep.

Simple Quad Stretch is her favorite, as it's not only is it a great quad stretch, it also helps to open up her super tight hip flexors - especially after a long flight. Stand on your left leg keeping one knee next to the other. You can hold a chair or the wall for balance. Take your right foot in your right hand and pull it towards your right glute. Once you’re in the quad stretch position, squeeze your glutes and tuck your hips under feeling a deep hip flexor stretch. Relax your shoulders, pull your shoulder blades together and open your chest. Hold the position for 20 to 30 seconds, then repeat on the other side.

Beauty Counter Lip Balm is perfect for keeping my lips hydrated after long days at the beach.

Amazon Cover Up- I own in several colors. Cute, super comfortable and priced right!

Patagonia Trucker Hats - I buy 2-3 of these each year! They’re a classic look (I love the navy blue ones best), provide great sun coverage for my Irish skin and are incredibly durable and comfortable.


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