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Cardio, Strength & Core


I'm a Connecticut native and the middle of three children born to my awesome parents Donna and Ned Moore. I studied at Boston College and upon graduation, took a job with a global management and technology consulting company where I met my husband Tom, a California native. I moved to San Francisco (where Tom lived at the time) in 2002 and we married in 2005. A year later, we relocated to Los Angeles to be closer to his parents and in 2008, we welcomed our first child, a daughter named Ellie, into the world. Ellie was followed by sons Patrick (2010) and William (2012).  We moved to San Diego in 2013 and feel so blessed to have ended up in such a wonderful community to raise our children. 



My happy place
is outdoors!

My iGnite Journey:

In the Fall of 2016, a neighborhood friend told me about these awesome group fitness classes being taught in Del Sur by our very own Neissa Springmann. Upon meeting Neissa, I was immediately drawn to her by her friendly and warm personality. The way in which she led these tough but amazing classes in such a supportive and positive setting, made me keep wanting to come back for more.

After several conversations with Neissa about my background and passion for fitness, taking classes eventually turned into leading them. I'm so excited to be part of this iGnite team! 

My Favorite Thing to do for Fun:

I love to do anything outdoors with my family! Whether it's spending time at the beach, hiking, stand up paddle boarding or wine tasting in one of California's beautiful wine country regions, I always say my happy place is outdoors!

Something people may not know about me:

I am 100% Irish and spent my junior year "studying" abroad in Galway, Ireland. By studying, I really mean I spent most of my time enjoying the sights, the Irish music and (of course) the pubs in one of the most beautiful places on earth!


My Background in Health & Wellness/Fitness:

As a stay at home mom to three kids, I've always tried to find time for exercise not only for my physical health but also, and perhaps more importantly, for my mental health. Working out in a group setting has been what's kept me sane on the days where it felt like motherhood was trying to chew me up and spit me out.

In addition to my love for working out, it had always been a dream of mine to pursue a certification to lead group fitness classes. After years of putting that goal aside and making way too many excuses (no time, not in good enough shape, no idea where to start), I listened to one of my best friends from college who told me there was never going to be a good time. She told me that the excuses would always be there, just be confident in my abilities and get it done! That was several years ago now and I'm not only so glad that I listened to her, but I'm so proud of myself for following my dream!

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