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Jill's Favorite Summer Travel Exercise, Stretches and Must Haves

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

When Austin Class Leader Jill Watts travels, which is often, she never leaves home without her travel favorites (health, beauty and comfort) and always does the following stretches and core exercise.

Standing Figure 4 Stretch

This is one of my favorites because you can do it anywhere, my hips get tight when I am sitting for a long time on a plane or in the car and this stretch is so good for tight hips and glutes. It also promotes balance, and of course you can hold on to something if you need to. It strengthens quads, ankles, and foot muscles and relieves lower back tension. You can do it in the airport on a layover or while you are waiting in the airport, it can be done anywhere on your travels.

Standing Quad Stretch

You can do it anywhere and it is so good after sitting or before a hike or walk on your travels. Lifting the arm up lengthens your spine along with getting the awesome quad stretch. You don’t have to lay down or use anythings for this stretch either. This stretch increases your flexibility and range of motion and improves circulation.

Forearm Plank

While traveling I always plank because it is so good for your core, it is simple yet very effective. and you can do it anywhere with no equipment needed, You can do it in your hotel room or on the beach, and it builds stability and strength throughout your entire body, and it strengthens your spine and improves posture. I usually hold my planks for 1 minute and try to do it daily when traveling.

Mario Bedescu Facial Spray

This keeps your skin hydrated or just a little refresher when you are on a plane or traveling somewhere with a drier or hot climate! The 2oz. Size can be carried in your carry-on. I like the scent and feel of the rosewater with aloe and herbs, it feels so nice on your face. You can also use it in the heat for a quick cool off!

Emergen-C Immune +

I always take some of these packets when I travel, they are a must have to stay healthy! I usually drink one the night before I travel and then sometimes on the plane and throughout my travels. You can put it in your water bottle or just a glass of water anywhere you go. This will help your immune system for sure!


Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Anytime I will be on a plane, it supports my neck and head and allows me to sleep comfortably on a plane or long car ride. I never get on a plane without it!


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