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Happy New Year! 2020 Kickoff Plan for your Healthiest & Happiest Self

It's here! The day that you're the most motivated to go after those goals, revamp your health, and do.all.the.things! And while we love the energy and motivation of January 1st, some approaches to your goals will lead you to success, while others can lead you to quick burnout.

For those of you looking to jump start your health & happiness this year -- and actually succeed this time! -- our founder Neissa is sharing her practical tips for approaching 2020 in a way that sets you up to become your absolute best, physically and mentally.

She shares the 3 foundations of optimal health you need to focus on and an awesome exercise for visualizing and reminding yourself of the things you love and that bring you JOY, because if you continue to identify those things, your subconscious will work with you to manifest them!

We’re so excited about the New Year, here’s to an incredible start to 2020 together friends.

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