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Member Spotlight: Heidi Muth


I am a native Austinite and have been in Austin all my life.

Family Life:

I am divorced and have two handsome boys, ages 21 and 24.

Work Life:

I sold insurance in a State Farm office before having babies. My true career and passion was stay-at-home-mom. Now that I am an empty nester, I enjoy a day filled with exercise, time with friends, cooking, volunteering in various capacities, and taking classes on any and all topics (tax-financial seminars, life-coaching groups, cooking classes, etc.)

The biggest lesson I’ve learned through my iGnite experience…

It's two-fold. First, it only takes 45 minutes of hard/focused work to get an efficient workout. Second, working out with positive, intelligent, kind women really feeds me.

Who inspires you most and why… Intelligent funny people really inspire me. I can't sum it up to one person. Luckily I have many of these people in my life.

If I were ice cream, I'd be... Coffee

If I were a pair of shoes I'd be... Boots in winter and sandals in summer

My celebrity look-alike is…

Barbara Streisand

If I am looking forward to....

Hosting more iGnite functions and spending time with iGniters outside of class

My favorite color is...

Royal Blue

Something people may not know about me is...

I have done triathlons since the year 2000. I do one or two a year, but not competitively anymore. I now look at the races as a great goal to accomplish and get an awesome workout in. I am also trying out my skills as a Juice Plus representative. I was just recently presented with this opportunity and look forward to getting my feet wet. Lastly, I offer cooking classes in your home or mine.

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