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Create a Life of Enjoyment

Point to Ponder:

How are you enjoying life?

Create a life of enjoyment. I'm certain 'enjoying everyday life' is something everyone, including myself wants to experience. What a beautiful thought and ongoing mission, ambition and goal for 2018. But how, in the midst of difficult times, frustrating moments, daily struggles, failure, deadlines, delays, illness, traffic, unmet expectations, divorce, betrayal, loss of friendship, challenge and even death do we do that? According to Pastor Joyce Meyers, this can be achieved by embracing and being grateful for our current life-- the personality, the strengths and weaknesses, the family, the resources, the opportunities, the physical qualities, the abilities, the gifts, and the uniqueness God has given you. The only life you can enjoy is your own--the one you have now.

My good friend Ivana Nedic said it perfectly when saying, "We already have everything we need to live a life of enjoyment. Enjoying life is not something that finally happens as a result of success, money, things, accomplishing our goals, purchasing "it" or finally getting into a relationship with that special person. This goes against the natural flow of life. Enjoyment beings with your heart, and flows from the inside out. To have joy, happiness, fulfillment, you must be first embrace all of the things you are grateful for and are uniquely yours. All the many blessings."

Excitingly, we are the artist of our life of enjoyment canvas, which starts blank every day. We get to choose the colors and art, with some enjoyment art ideas being: laughter, dancing, singing, hugging, kissing, embracing, helping others, exercise, time in nature, cooking, seeing a movie, time with family and friends, exercise, reading, romance/intimacy, time alone, a walk or jog in the park, riding your bike, etc. In the words of Joyce Meyer, we have everything we need to live a life of enjoyment. We have to take what we have been given and decide how we can use it best.


Action Item:

Make it one of your goal it live a life of enjoyment. Embrace your life and fill your canvas with everything you are grateful for, what is uniquely yours and you enjoy doing.



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