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Pace Yourself Forward

Point to Ponder:

In determining what you want in 2018, are you letting your past hold you back or inspire you? Are you pacing yourself or are you going full-throttle?

Once upon a time I ran a marathon and several half-marathons and, once upon a time I could run five, seven and ten miles with ease. Now, two children and at least seven years later, running three miles is a challenge. Because I love the serenity of a jog, one of my 2018 goals is to run three miles with ease. So, last week I set out on a mission to regain my long-distance endurance. I knew going into it I would likely be winded and want to stop, but the moment I stepped out I was strong, athletic and invincible, so I took off! As you might expect, within five minutes I began to walk, and I wasn’t feeling the confidence I experienced just a few minutes earlier. Needless-to-say, I did complete my run but it was a humbling run/walk combination.

Then, a few days later I tried again, but this time I was much more strategic and realistic. Rather than let my ego push me beyond my cardiovascular limits I recognized and accepted my stamina state and paced myself. Surprisingly, and with the exception of stopping to stretch and enjoy the view, I completed my run without stooping. My time wasn’t great, but I really didn’t care. It’s a marathon and not a sprint, right?!

Throughout my jog, I thought a lot about the concept of pacing myself and how relevant it is in life, and for this time of year in particular. Too often, the vast majority of my goals and expectations are motivated by past successes: what I once was or what I once could do. I love the wisdom that Joyce Meyers shares in her devotional, Trusting God Day by Day, which is "Your future has no room for your past." Isn't that the truth?! And, because one of my struggles is contentment and living in either the past or future, I have trouble accepting my present reality and don’t pace myself, which of course results in no progress.

Like anything worth having or accomplishing, it takes time — even if it is something that was once easy. As you continue to pull any negative or non-serving weeds from 2017 and prepare your soil so you can plant meaningful, worth-while and long-lasting goals and intentions, I encourage you to let your past inspire you rather than hold you back, and only look forward. Acknowledge, appreciate and love who you are and your life now. Pace yourself and embrace what is sustainable, which is nothing that can be achieved overnight or within a few weeks or months time. This includes building or repairing healthy relationships, adopting healthy habits, acquiring healthy thoughts, creating a healthy body and everything else that is on your 2018 list. So, go ahead and pace yourself, and let’s make 2018 the best year of our lives!


Action Item:

Re-think how you might more realistically pace yourself so that you can have sustainable and long-term success in 2018.



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