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You are Unstoppable. Join our 30 Classes in 60 Days Challenge!

When I think about you and the past 6 months, the word that continues to come to mind is unstoppable.  I did what you had to do and you are doing what you have to do, but I want you to *pause* for just a moment and reflect on what you've experienced, endured, persevered through and conquered.  It's no small feat [a.k.a. a laudable triumph of great difficulty]! In fact, it's historic, monumental and epic, and the time we are living through and you have chosen to thrive through will be written about in history books and spoken of forever. As a reminder, you are unstoppable and you are unbreakable. If you didn't realize this about yourself before, I hope you do now. We are approaching the final quarter of 2020 [the year you realized (even more) that you were unstoppable] and my encouragement is for you to keep your laser focus and join our 30 classes in 60 days challenge. To join in, simply email us at with "Challenge Accepted!" I realize we don't need more challenge or more difficulty in our lives, BUT this challenge is designed to help combat challenge and difficulty.  During a time when health, community and connection is more important than ever, iGniting 30 times in 60 days will add heartbeats, eliminate stress, and increase your ability to experience and spread greater joy.   It’s not how we start that’s important, but how well we finish.  We started 2020 feeling hopeful, fired up, and inspired, but in order to finish well, feelings only get us so far.  Now it’s about taking continued action. By accepting the challenge you are committing to finishing the year stronger, healthier, and even happier than when you began--and that's awesome!  Challenge Accepted!  Love, Neissa

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