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Member Spotlight: Meet Five Year Austin Member, Kris Phelps!

iGnite IS Our Members!

Our members make us what we are, which is why we LOVE spotlighting them! This week, we invite you to meet five year Austin Member, Kris Phelps! The best way to describe Kris is unstoppable! There is nothing Kris can't do. This mother, grandmother and retired school teacher lives life to the absolute fullest and her energy and passion for life inspires us every single day. And so, without further adieu, we introduce Kris!

How Long Have You Been a Member?

Um? Had to look it up. Almost 5 years!

Where Do You Live And How Do You iGnite?

I live in Austin. I workout in the mornings with Kathleen, Sarah, Jill, Andy and I also love lake escapes with Kathleen and Bike Escapes with Ali.

Where Did You Grow Up?

I lived in Houston until I went to UT. Still working on the growing part.

How Did You Become a Part of iGnite?

I needed a new place to work out after my gym closed. I asked a friend about iGnite and she was so gracious to invite me and make me feel comfortable for the first few times. Funny story- my daughter had heard about iGnite from a friend of hers who worked for the company. When I told her what I was thinking of doing, she said, "Oh Mom, I think it's a women's empowerment thing and if you get any more empowered, I'll be terrified of you."

What's Your Favorite Thing About iGnite

The people.

What Do You Do Right Rfter Cass?

Coffee and shower.

What's Your Favorite Word?


Who’s Your Biggest Motivator and What Do They Do For You?

My grandchildren motivate me, because I want to continue enjoying doing things with them as long as possible.

What’s Saving You Right Now?

Morning quiet time.

What’s Something About You That We’d Be Surprised to Learn?

I have met with the same 5 women nearly every week for 16 years for spiritual support and encouragement.

What's Been Your Favorite Job and Do You Still Do It?

Teaching high school seniors. I'm retired.

What Do You Mutter While Doing Burpees?

Thank you.

What Class Do You Most Look Forward To and Why?

Lake Escape. I love doing new things and skiing is new and terrifying every single time.

What's Your Favorite Exercise Song?

I'm still standing- Elton John.

What Are Your Favorite Local and Not Local Social Media Accounts to Follow?

I try to stay off of social media.

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