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Create Your Compelling Future

Did you know by mid February (now), most people's New Year's resolutions are a thing of the past?! I get it! So much life transpires in just a few weeks and one little thing can completely derail our excitement and momentum. However, now that we're seven weeks into 2023 and we've found our footing, it's the perfect time to create or recreate your compelling future.

Whether you're right or left-brained, there are effective ways to start this process and neither have to be complicated. What's most important is you get what's in your heart and head on paper so you begin making progress and start experiencing it in your life.

Here are 4 ideas:

1.Vision Board- I'm right-brained dominant, so I love a vision board. It's an inspiring way to create a visual representation (and reminder) of what I want my year to look like and be filled with. In addition, because my brain gets overwhelmed with a gazillion "daily life items", I'm amazed how easily I forget all that I want to do and experience. When I find myself in these uninspiring, unexcited, left-brained, box-checking moments that suck the life out of me, all I have to do is look at my vision board. Check out some vision board inspiration HERE.

2."More/Less" List- Though I am right-brain dominant, I love making lists! Lists organize the chaos in my brain and actually help me be more creative and follow-through. If you're left-brain dominant, then you'll for sure love the simplicity and structure of this exercise. Per the instruction of designer, coach and consultant, Anna Stark Ditmeyer, she says "this exercise is a great way to quickly frame how you want to set yourself up for the year ahead." The steps are simple. Create two lists: "I Want More Of"/"I Want Less Of" (think about what inspires and excites you.) Then, begin writing down what you want more of and less of. If you're creative, you can draw an image or visual representation of what you want more of. You can check out her exercise HERE, as well as a New York Times article HERE.

3. How Do You Want to Feel? The more specific you can get about what you want to experience, the better! This is why being able to articulate (on paper) how you want to feel is necessary. You can even add them to your "I Want More Of" list. If you're feeling extra creative, draw images next to the feelings on your list. If you're feeling stuck, it can be helpful to also write down how you DO NOT want to feel. You'll quickly be able to figure out how you WANT to feel.

4. One Word. Whether you create a vision board or not, after creating your lists you will have collected a good amount of information about your 2023 aspirations. In doing so, I encourage you to pick one word that summarizes your desires and that can be your guiding force throughout the year.

In summary, I feel like everyone is talking about how fast things are moving and I feel the same. It does feel like life is moving faster and faster, which is why taking a couple of hours to get completely clear on how you want to live and what you want to experience in the next year is so important. It's not that everything you write down or put on your vision board will come true, however this is an exercise that allows you the opportunity to get clear about what you want (and don't want), get excited about your future, and live each day with added intention.



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