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Betty's Favorite Summer Travel Exercise, Stretches and Must Haves

When Betty Cunningham, our peppy, upbeat and hilarious Dance Fit leader in Austin isn't dancing, she's either running, or running, hiking or taking long walks while traveling. We asked Betty what her summer travel stretches, exercises and must haves are and this is what she said....

Hamstring Stretch

Easy to do anywhere and keeps hamstrings lengthened, flexible and feeling good after sitting in cars, airplanes or after hiking, long walks or a run.

Achilles and Lower Back Stretch Perfect for after hikes, long walks or runs.

Tricep Dips

Can be done anywhere like on on a park bench, chair, couch or big rock. These keep the triceps firm and looking good.

Smooth Move Hot Tea

Keeps digestive tracks moving during travel, a.k.a., helps prevent that awful travel constipation.

Oofas Sandals

These shoes provide support and recovery for your feet and ankles after a walk, run, and long hike. These sandals have saved my feet from plantar fasciitis.

Elta MD Tinted Sunscreen Fabulous sunscreen with a tint that provides a bit of coverage with hyaluronic acid for moisture and sunscreen that stays on even when you sweat.


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