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10-Day Count-Down to Christmas... 10 Reasons to Make Exercise a Priority

We know what you're thinking, we get it...

We can relate to that feeling of having "too much to do" and no time for "extras" like exercise, certainly not in the week before the BIG day... We know the anxiety you feel upon receiving 5 last-minute RSVPs to Christmas dinner, or when you forget to move the elf (for the 100th time - and why is this mom's job?!), or when you get an email notification that the "perfect" gift for your mother-in-law is on back-order - ugghh (again, why is this mom's job?!), or when you forget where you hid gifts purchased back in October (thinking this would reduce your holiday stress - ha!), or you realize the class party was... yesterday. And the list goes on. WE SOOOO GET IT!

So... we want to remind you that the important "stuff" will get done. And the "stuff" that is back-ordered, forgotten, overlooked, well, it's just stuff, "small stuff." Further, exercise is NOT an "extra." A good sweat keeps you from "sweating the small stuff," and exercise is the key to making the "most wonderful time of the year" truly wonderful... Happy holidays are made up of good times with friends and family. And endorphins make you happy. So make time for exercise the week before Christmas, remembering the best gift you can give your loved ones is a HEALTHY HAPPY YOU!

PS Exercise also improves memory, so it might just help you remember where you hid those gifts back in October!


Top 10 Reasons to Exercise the Week Before Christmas

by Neissa Springmann

iGnite Founder & Santa's Hilarious Endorphin-Powered Elf

1. Helps Control Spending

That hour of exercise is one less hour you’ll spend shopping on Amazon.(Remember it's just stuff!)

2. Improves Mood

Exercise is a natural pick-me-up, keeps you sane, allows you to be more patient, and increases your feelings of joy. Ultimately, your children are safer.

3. Me-Time

It’s something just for you (which happens like never!).

4. Improves Energy You’ll be high on endorphins for all of your holiday parties!

5. Improves Sleep Quality

You’ll sleep so soundly (whether you’re nestled all snug in your bed, or on an air-mattress at your in-laws) that you’ll have visions of sugar plums dancing in your head.

6. Increases Metabolism

That second slice of grandma's fruit cake will replenish your energy stores, not be stored as junk in your trunk.

7. Builds Immunities

You'll awaken Christmas morning singing the alleluia chorus, rather than wheezing and hacking.

8. Enhances Feelings of... well ummm... ahem...

Exercise puts a spark into... kisses under the mistletoe.

9. Boosts Confidence

Confidence is the "must-have accessory" to all your holiday outfits. You'll feel and look great walking (strutting, prancing, or dancing?!) into your Christmas and New Year's parties (whether they are cocktail parties or PJ parties) when you've got your confidence on!

10. Builds Strength

Strong muscles allow you to safely lift those Amazon boxes to the top-shelf hiding-spot. (You remembered!)


Have a very merry week-before-Christmas.

With love, joy, and a heavy dose of endorphins,

Your friends at iGnite

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