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iGnite Spotlight: Austin Member, Tawney Booth


I grew up in Midland, TX and went to UT for undergrad and SMU for business school.

Family Life

I’m married with 2 boys- Hudson (almost 4) and Jackson (1.5).

Work Life

I was a financial analyst for an oil and gas company. I took this last year off after having Jackson and now I’m partnering with an old colleague of mine and working on a few oil and gas related projects that I can do from home. (Hopefully it works out!)

Best Advice You’ve Ever Been Given

Don’t be afraid to be amazing! (Kathleen Parker)

In my free time you'll find me...

These days: working out

Before kids- laying out reading a good book

Favorite Color

Turquoise and black

Who inspires you the most and why?

Lately, it’s been my Ignite workout buddy, Melissa Byrkit. She is such an inspiration to me. She’s a great mom and Christian and such a well rounded person. She’s beautiful both inside and out.

The biggest lesson I've learned from iGnite is....

How powerful a strong, supportive and fun group of women can be! The power of we really is something. Also, I feel so blessed to be able to workout outside and to be able to take advantage of the beautiful city of Austin.

Why did you start your personal burpee challenge and how many days have you been “burpeeing”?

Tomorrow (Saturday, Sept 29th) will be day 104. After the glute raise challenge Melissa and I were wanting to start something else to challenge us on a daily basis and we thought 25 burpees for 25 days and then it felt so great and they were so impactful I just kept doing it. Honestly, it ended up being more of a mental thing. You can do them anywhere and it takes under a 1.5 minutes. Plus, it definitely wakes you up and I’ve found that by doing them I feel more energized and can conquer the day. Now my challenge is to do them everyday for a year.

I am looking forward to...

When my boys get a little older and we can water ski and snow ski as a family

Something people may not know about you?

I have a twin sister, who is my best friend.

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