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Thank You, August (I think)

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Upon seeing the words above I laughed out loud, agreed and thought "COME ON AUGUST, enough already! Please, please, please deliver something different, something awesome and something great!" 

August is that month. There's no two ways around it.  It's a transitional month that is hot (almost everywhere) and by now we're all over it and desperately needing change.  Our enthusiasm meter is tipping below zero and we NEED the first sign of fall--even if it means the temperature dropping from 107 to 99.  It's progress, and that's helpful!  As much as I can take or leave August, I recognize that besides it being the month where the most sweat in produced and air conditioning and water bills sky rocket, August is necessary because it produces extra grit (which we can never have enough of). 

Grit is:  courage, bravery, strength of character, backbone, spirit, strength of will, steel, fortitude, toughness, hardiness, determination, tenacity, perseverance, endurance and guts. 

Jonah Lehrer says grit is the stubborn refusal to quit. 

If you're feeling hot, frustrated, discouraged, unsettled, irritated, want to stop or hunker down until things cool off, lighten up, and feel easier, I encourage you to refuse to quit! I encourage you to instead flip August on its hot head and say "thank you."  Thank you for making me more courageous, brave, strong, spirited, tough, hardy, determined, tenacious, and bold.  You will not break me. You cannot break me. I refuse to quit! Here's to getting grittier, together. Love, Neissa

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