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Every Ending is a New Beginning

While walking on the beach during our Renew Year Retreat in San Diego, we were all struck by a man working ceaselessly on a beach labyrinth. With rake in hand and head down, he moved at an impressive pace. His commitment and persistence was inspiring, but what really impacted us was that despite his vision, dedication and hard work, it was a matter of time before his masterpiece would be gone. In fact, the ocean could wash it all away before he even finished. This meant he intentionally worked (for hours) to create something beautiful...all the while knowing it was not permanent, would be devoured in seconds, AND he was okay with it. This blew my mind and after contemplating that experience, some events of January and the start of February, here's what I've gleaned:

Life is say the least, but more than that, every single bit of it is fleeting. From human life, a strong oak tree, to art in the sand. Like the euphoric highs and devastating lows, none are permanent. Everything is fleeting, and as the quote in the picture reads, "everything changes and comes to an end, but every end is a new beginning".

Despite my delusional thinking that the New Year will be flawless and easy, January and February are notoriously hard. In hindsight...duh! Of course they's winter. Perfectly designed by our Creator, winter has to be difficult, as new beginnings are not born from new beginnings. New beginnings are born from endings, adversity and change. After having read some practical information on the natural seasons (by Tony Robbins) and how they relate to our lives, winter is defined as a time to:

  • slow down

  • survive death together

  • create the space for new beginnings

  • regeneration (renewal/restoration)

All of life is fleeting, including the seasons, and we can take comfort in knowing new beginnings are infinitely available, and per my favorite quote "God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, or sun without rain. But He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears and light for the way."

With Love,

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