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Wholeheartedly All-In

Point to ponder:

How can you live all-in and wholeheartedly this summer?

Last week, while talking to iGnite Leader Alli Phillips on the phone, she humbly and enthusiastically told me everything that she was currently doing. In addition to leading several iGnite classes, teaching classes and personal training at Mecca Gym, she's also a very active, engaged and playful mother of five children (a 17 year old daughter, triplet 14 year old daughters and a 9 year old son) and last week she started leading kids around Austin in an awesome cycling camp by Austin Youth Fitness called Cycle the City.

Just hearing Alli talk about everything she was doing wore me out, so I asked her how she was energetically able do it all--not to mention with a constant smile on her face and an infinitely grateful spirit. She reminded me of an iGnite journal that was written three years ago and in it was the wisdom shared during an iGnite retreat from Pastor Dave Sunde, suggesting the antidote for exhaustion is not rest, it's wholeheartedness. Dave passed along this wisdom from a book called Midlife & the Great Unknown by David Whyte. Alli did confess that she was tired, however rather than focus on being tired, she shifted her mindset to one of joy and wholeheartedness. It's a game changer!

I vividly recall Dave sharing this insight and how much sense it made. And, I was also very thankful when Alli reminded me of it because it is the perfect lifestyle inspiration for the summer. To live wholeheartedly is to be true to yourself, all-in, playful, passionate, full of life, saying 'yes' to the things that fill you up. This is when and where we shine and give others permission to do the same.

As you fill your summer days with activities, work, play and a little bit of everything, I encourage you to approach everyday and everything with an all-in, wholehearted, authentic, eager and grateful spirit. I guarantee your best and happiest summer ever!


Action Item:

Approach everyday and everything you do with an all-in and wholehearted spirit.


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