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Upcoming Getaways & Retreats

6th Annual San Diego ReNew Year Retreat (La Jolla), California 

January 16-19 2022 Space Available | January 20-23 2022 Space Available

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Previous Getaways & Retreats

5th Annual San Diego Retreat I April 2021


"Gratitude" was a pervasive feeling during this year's retreat. Grateful to travel, grateful for old and new relationships, grateful for chef prepared meals, the view, the smells, laughter, the open and honest conversation.  Grateful for morning meditation, workouts, belly dancing, nighttime meditation, spontaneous beach volleyball, the house, and for the time we had to step away, be cared for and have fun! WHEW!  We needed that!

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4th Annual San Diego ReNew Year Retreat | January 2020 


"The iGnite Retreat in San Diego was a perfect start to my year. I allowed myself to be fully taken care of physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It's a perfect combination of personal retreat with sunrise meditations and group sessions to explore what's on the horizon and fun activities on the beach and in the water. The meals were nutritious and delicious. Neissa and Crystal create an environment of safety, fun, depth, and lots of laughter!

3rd Annual San Diego ReNew Year Retreat | January 2019 

Girlfriend Getaway 8.jpg
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GF Getaway 13.jpg

"I went on the IGnite Retreat with hopes to refocus, renew, and plan for the year ahead. I also hoped to meet new ladies and develop friendships. The trip was all that I hoped for and more. It was a chance for me to get a clear mind and hear what God has planned for me. I left with a peace and a sense of direction. The delicious food, drinks, fabulous workouts, and fellowship were all an added bonus."

2nd Annual San Diego ReNew Year Retreat: Pause & Restoration | February 2018

"This was such an amazing experience. Every girl needs a good girlfriend getaway after the holidays... I loved getting to spend quality time with women from all walks of life and getting to share so much laughter and truly memorable moments. It was wonderful to just show up, enjoy beauty, listen without restraints of time or preconceived expectations, and engage and reflect simultaneously. 

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ReNew Year Retreat | San Diego CA | January 2017

"It was priceless to step outside, without syncing schedules with others, or dealing with traffic patterns, or worrying time restrictions! It felt good to do this for myself, to value myself enough to do this, and the ultimate result was that I was a blessing to others, to 'my people,' because of it. These are my takeaways... I pray I don’t loose sight of these lessons and that I will practice what I learned, at least in some small way, daily! I will not miss this trip next year!"

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