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with Julie Long

The best you

Lifestyle Luncheon 

Thursday October 18th 11:30-1:00


Feel Strong | Feel Energized | Feel 100%

Learn how your unique chemistry, genetics, environment and lifestyle intersect and affect your health. As a nurse practitioner and dedicated women’s healthcare provider, Julie helps her patients improve how they feel and their overall wellness through an approach that is individualized, integrated, and intended to get them feeling and being their BEST.


Lifestyle Luncheon

w/ Julie Long


Thursday October 18th




Claire Saunders Home

(address sent with registration)


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Julie Long, NP

Julie is an Austin-based certified functional medicine practitioner and women’s healthcare specialist. With over 15 years experience working specifically with women, Julie believes in a functional approach to healthcare. She identifies the underlying cause of your symptoms by examining and strengthening your core systems – restoring your health, rather than just treating your symptoms. Julie prides herself on spending time with and getting to know each patient and her story, and loves improving women’s lives by offering her medical proficiency, whole-health philosophy and compassionate optimism.

Julie investigates the root cause of your symptoms and crafts a personalized care plan to improve and restore them, including:


  • Hormone Balancing [BHRT]

  • Adrenal Restoration

  • Gastrointestinal Optimization

  • Detoxification

COST: $35 Member | $40 Non-Member


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