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Swim Fit

A fantastic low-impact workout that lengthens and strengthens the entire body and is perfect for any fitness level.

  • Beginner: Learn how to move in the water, relax, float, breathe and swim.

  • Intermediate: Cardio workouts using kickboards, fins, pull bouy and hand paddles plus stroke instruction.

  • Advanced: Rigorous cardio workout, preparation for a triathlon or challenge yourself to improve in all areas of swimming.



This water exercise is all about moving water and creating resistance to get a non-impact workout without swimming laps. Hydro-fit is a full body workout that will:

  • lengthen and strengthen your muscles

  • build your cardio endurance and

  • increase your mobility



A variety of equipment will be used including aqua flotation belt, water resistant bar bells, kick boards, and fins that keep this program fun and challenging. Great for those wanting a non-impact athletic training or for staying active while recovering from injury.


Each class ends with a hot tub stretch.


For questions regarding these classes, contact iGnite.

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