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Bike Escape

A Guided Biking Tour of Downtown & Central ATX via Urban Trails & Commuter Routes​

Get out of the spin studio, into the fresh fall air, and go for a real-life “old-fashioned” bike ride! And have some old-fashioned fun! 

  • 1st 3rd (& 5th) Wednesdays

  • 9:30-10:30am

  • Routes Vary

Visit our CLASS SCHEDULE PAGE to get the location and details for the ride each week.




This music driven cycling class is part dance party on the bike, part sweat fest. You’ll forget how hard you’re working as you pedal, push, and pace to the music. You'll be led along "fast flats" and "rough roads," pushed up "steady climbs," and in "all-out sprints." The workout is unpredictable, challenging, and fun. This class is offered seasonally (when we can't ride outside) at Tetra Fitness Studio.

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