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Love (Yourself)

Mini Escape

Alive, Empowered and Created to do Something Great!
Ignite your best life and have some serious fun doing it!

Saturday, Feb 15th

10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Home of Martha Lynn Mangum. Address sent upon registration 

Do you feel like you give and give and give and need some time for your personal dreams and goals? Join Neissa Brown Springmann and other incredibly inspiring women for a night of yoga, dance, empowering stories and designing your own personal vision board.  We’ll drink wine, eat chocolate, dance, celebrate life and create a vision board symbolizing the full life and joy you want and can absolutely achieve and were designed to have.  We are ALL were created to do something great, which includes wearing our various hats of wife, mom, daughter, business woman, philanthropist, and neighbor.  Regardless of your life season, you are wonderfully and uniquely made and doing an amazing job!  Life can try to derail us of our dreams and best self, but we’re not going to let it!  Grab your girlfriends and lets experience a magical night together!

iGnite Member: $30/person  Sign Up Now!

Non-Member: $35/person  Sign Up Now!

Meet Your Inspiring Team for the Evening: 

Neissa Brown Springmann is the founder of iGnite Your Life, where she has served the bodies, mind and spirits of women of all ages for over ten years. Whether through group fitness, philanthropic events, speaking engagements, leading women’s adventure trips or holistic retreats, Neissa has a heart for bringing women together in a loving, encouraging and inspiring environment. Her upbeat, authentic, relatable spirit offers a unique and refreshing approach to health, wellness and life. She is deeply passionate in being source or light, encouragement and love to others. She believes that true health is found when the body, mind and spirit are in unison, that we are all created in God’s perfect image , bursting with potential and made to do something great!

Kajal Vora

Kajal's journey into yoga began shortly after she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and not only served as a gateway to overall coping and relief of the symptoms of her condition, but became a new life passion and adventure. Having been born and raised in India, Kajal brings a beautiful and authentic presence to her yoga classes, letting her experiences from India resonate through the capacity she holds. She facilitates a practice held with kindness and encouraging guidance, and as a dancer, Kajal especially aligns with the energetic flow of the Vinyasa style. She is privileged to be able to share the life changing gifts of yoga with her community, along with the roots of yoga carried within her heart all the way from India over into her life here in the Western World.

Elizabeth Caetano

Elisabeth Caetano is a Licensed Psychotherapist who has been in private practice for over 18 years. She is passionate about empowering women to live their most authentic lives using a coaching style to therapy and positive psychology . She has been using vision boards as a therapy technique for over 30 years. She began her karate journey 5 years ago as yet another form of empowerment and is now a 2nd degree brown belt.

Geri Sears

A native of San Diego, Geri, a figure skating champion, is honored to utilize the discipline of her fifteen years of former training to benefit the instruction of her young students in 4S Ranch. Becoming a martial artist later in life and multiple wins in the forms and weapons division of USSD’s National Championships, has helped to exemplify to students both young and old that you can be successful at anything, you just have to not be afraid to try, be 100% present and never give up. Teaching at 4S Ranch has given her the opportunity to see children grow not only in the martial arts, but at life as well. Ms. Geri “loves to see that ‘lightbulb’ moment; when the students expression reveals such joy at their accomplishment. Training with Team focus has been an incredible confidence booster for all of our students and an incredible rewarding experience to be an instructor”.

Stefanie Alberts

Stefanie started her martial arts career in New York at 31, one year after giving birth to triplets; two boys and one girl.  After moving to California in 2005, she decided not to pursue a career in the dental field as originally planned and instead purchased 50% of the studio she started training at in Escondido.  Realizing the impact such a program could have on the lives of her students' and families, she opened her own studios in 4s Ranch and Scripps Ranch with the United Studios of Self Defense franchise in order to establish the martial arts as a lifestyle instead of an extra curricular activity.  With an extensive life skills/character development program and personalized instruction for all students, her studios have been able to instruct men, women and children of all ages and limitations; regardless of educational, emotional or physical disabilities; creating a 'Fighting Spirit Ring' at USSD tournaments for the disabled.Her mantra "Martial Arts may not be for everyone, but self-defense is" has given her the privilege to instruct at countless groups, organizations, schools, and companies across San Diego, most often free of charge.  Presently, Stefanie has developed a not for profit that will allow children of deployed military personnel to train for free while providing supportive services to the spouse as well as the transitioning veteran; including education and employment opportunities to help them get started in their civilian life. 

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