Cardio, Strength & Core

  The iGnite community

inspires me.

Roots/Family Life:


I am from Beaumont, Texas and moved to Austin in 2006 to attend The University of Texas. By the time I was a senior, I knew I was never going to leave! There is so much to love about this city. I have been married to my sweet husband, Clayton, for over 2 years and enjoy life with him every single day! God has blessed us immensely!

Background in Health & Wellness:


I grew up loving to be very active! I was a gymnast and a cheerleader for most of my young years and went on to study Nutrition at the University of Texas, graduating with my Bachelor’s degree in 2010. I now love to stay active by iGniting and taking yoga classes.

My iGnite Journey:


I found iGnite 5 years ago when I needed a change in my life. I know God knew what He was doing when I was introduced to Neissa by a mutual friend. I was unhappy at my previous job, and I had never experienced stress like that before. I was taught to finish everything I started, but I knew my body, mind and spirit could not handle the negative environment I was in any longer, so



I made a decision, never looked back, and I’ve been with iGnite for 4 years! I LOVE what I do, who I work with, and the women I’m surrounded by every day. I think the best part is that I’m inspired, motivated and challenged every day in my job. Knowing that I am a part of a warm, welcoming and supportive community is amazing.

Something People May Not Know About Me:


I don’t have a sense of smell. Can I taste you might ask? Yes, but I can certainly eat bland foods and be happy!


What Inspires Me Most:


Like I mentioned above, I am inspired daily. Being one of the youngest on our team, I look up to all of the women I work with. I treasure and value their advice and take it to heart. The iGnite community inspires me. It is amazing getting to teach women from all different walks of life. I learn something new from them every day. My parents, who have been happily married for over 30 years, inspire me in a new way now that I am married. I seek their wisdom. And lastly, but not least, God amazes me and blesses me every single day. He calls us to serve, love and share, and I feel like I am doing just that in iGnite.

The Best Advice I’ve Been Given: 


My dad has always told me “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.”