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Michelle Tremblay

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What Led Me To iGnite:


I met my dear friend (founder of iGnite) Neissa, two weeks after our sons started the same kindergarten class.  The boys became fast friends as did we!!  I've always been passionate about exercise and spending time outdoors, so when Neissa told me she was starting iGnite San Diego I was thrilled!  iGnite has been my "lifeline" as I like to often say.  It enables me to take care of myself, get my kids playing outside and bond with an awesome group of ladies!


The days are long

but the years are short

so soak in every moment!



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I am truly inspired by the women in this iGnite group! It is full of kind, strong, confident, amazing women who motivate me to be my best self!  I am beyond blessed to be able to get to know them all.


I was raised in nearby Orange County and am the third of 4 children. Family is extremely important to me and I am grateful to have mine close-by ...but still far enough away too

Michelle candid .jpeg

Something People May Not Know About Me:


I am a huge book worm and always have been. It is my little way of finding time for myself and I love nothing more than escaping into a good story.  I read every single night - and I mean EVERY SINGLE night - even when I've had a night out and a glass or two of wine!  my friends like to tease me about this but reading really helps to relax me!

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