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Events ad Retreats

It started with an introduction & invitation:

In 2010, a dear friend of mine introduced me to Neissa who then invited me to an iGnite Holiday Shopping Event. I spent three days at iGnite leader Kathleen’s kitchen counter getting to know all the leaders and iGnite members as they came to connect with one another and do a little shopping.


Those three days showed me that this was a unique group of women who loved and supported each other in life (not just in their workouts). With iGnite, wellness is more than sweaty exercise classes (but there are plenty of those)…iGnite is founded on bringing women together in an authentic, encouraging community.


As it did so many years ago for me, that spirit of Introduction and Invitation still holds meaning for me personally and especially now as I am honored to be part of the iGnite team.



What would you 
attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

When I'm not working, I'm:

Exercising outdoors – Whether it’s running with a friend (our therapy sessions) or iGniting, I love to be outside in this fantastic city, celebrating fitness and friendship.

Carting children around – our four kids (Alec, Lyla, Talia and Brynn) keep us busy with their activities and friends, and my husband, Todd, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Leading women's retreats around the country - for church, iGnite, and beyond. I believe in the power and rhythm of retreat, to renew, revive and recreate ourselves in a safe and loving environment--and in inspiring locations!


I'm most inspired by:

Witnessing the power of connection and compassion. I am always inspired by people sharing their stories because it shows a willingness and desire to connect with another person. Finding connection, one by one, is how we build community. It’s one of the qualities I admire most about the iGnite philosophy.

Favorite things to do for fun:

Traveling to new places, finding adventure, cooking with my husband and kids, wake surfing, water skiing, snow skiing, hiking, SUPing, camping, teaching, learning, and writing about it all!

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