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From personal nutrition coaching to customized bridal parties, iGnite adds a spark to every aspect of your life.

Important Notes

Required Equipment
To ensure a consistent experience, all iGnite members participating in fitness classes are required to have a yoga mat. Yoga mats may be purchased in our online shop.


Special Discounts
A 15% discount on memberships and classes is extended to:

  • Immediate family members sharing the same address

  • Teachers

  • Active military

Contact prior to purchasing to inquire about receiving a discount code.


Suspending Membership
To accommodate busy summers, travel, and changing schedules, 1 Year and 6 Month Unlimited Memberships have the ability to be suspended. Limit: 2 suspensions per One Year Unlimited Membership, and 1 suspension per 6 Month Unlimited Membership. Membership Suspension is for a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 2 months. Members with suspended memberships pay $10/month during the suspension period and contracts are extended by the length of the suspension period. Membership is reactivated upon the first fitness class attended. Members must submit request for suspension to at least 2 weeks prior to the start date of the suspension period. A $35 fee will apply for notices given less than 2 weeks prior to the start date of the suspension period. Membership suspensions are only offered to 1 Year and 6 Month Unlimited Members.

Freezing Membership
Members can freeze membership for a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 6 months for bereavement and medical reasons only. Billing is suspended during the freeze period and the contract is extended by the same amount of time. Membership is reactivated upon the first fitness class attended. To freeze a membership, contact us at or (512) 413-8497.

Auto Renewal
All 1-Year, 6-Month and 3-Month Unlimited Membership contracts and Weekly Inspiration Subscriptions will be auto renewed for your convenience at the end of the contract term. To cancel auto renewal, written request to must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the contract expiration date. A $10 fee will apply for notices given less than 2 weeks prior to the contract expiration date.

Late Fees
Individuals will be notified via their provided email address and phone number if the credit card on file fails to authorize for any reason. A $10 late fee will apply if the individual does not provide valid credit card information within 10 calendar days of the original rejection date.

Cancellation & Refund Policy
Membership contract cancellations will result in a penalty fee equal to one monthly payment. Refunds will apply only upon injury or bereavement leave. Memberships may be upgraded at any time. Contact us at with questions regarding upgrades and cancellations.

*Quarterly Reward Points - The more you participate, the more you save! All members earn points in the following ways: Unlimited Members average two classes per week per quarter; Class Package members use all classes prior to expiration date; attend our events; bring friends to our events; you friend comes to class on your guest pass; your friend signs up for a two-week trial; your friend becomes an iGnite member. Over the past twelve months, our members have saved $5,771.47!

Nutrition Coaching

Now offering FREE 30-minute initial consultations! 

$250 for 5 sessions or $55/session 

Bridal + Bachelorette Parties

Whether you would like to add dancing to your bachelorette party, enjoy an outdoor pre-wedding workout, get your jitters out with rejuvenating yoga, or just have some good ole birthday fun, let iGnite make your special day more memorable with one or more of our bridal party or birthday party options.

It’s like a buffet — you pick what you’d like and we’ll tailor it specially for your party. Let us know the number attending, the day and time you are interested in and what service you’d like, and we’ll get back to you with all of the many possibilities!

Pricing varies from event to event .

Subscription to iGnite’s Weekly Inspiration featuring motivational journal entry, action item, self-reflective ‘Point to Ponder’ and quote-of-the-week + Opportunity to win prizes through remote participation in Healthy Challenges. Expiration: 1 year from purchase.*

$5.99 per month

Give the gift of community, support, friendship & health to a friend or loved one! 

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