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Carissa Seaton

Cardio, Strength & Core  

Fitness Background:


I have always loved to workout and try as many types of fitness as possible. When we lived in Switzerland I became friends with a woman who taught this amazing program called Friskis & Svettis (Swedish for “fun and sweaty) and started going. She convinced me to try out to become a leader and I spent 2 weeks in Sweden and a week in Brussels doing my training. I taught their program called jympa in Switzerland for 2.5 years before moving back to the states. I have completed several certifications in the States but haven’t been inspired to jump back into teaching until iGnite. I love the positivity of the philosophy and the ladies I get to interact with. 

What Led Me To iGnite:


A chance meeting at a neighborhood pool with Neissa. Thank goodness because iGnite was my lifeline last summer after a cross country move. I was inspired and found a group of amazing women! 


Teaching Philosophy:


Fitness should be safe, fun, and sustainable! 




I am from a huge extended family and even though we are scattered throughout the country, we are still very close. I have a very strong sense of family, and make sure my friends always feel like family as well. 


When I'm Not Working, I'm…


Raising my 3 kids and 2 Italian Greyhounds. 


Life-Changing Experience:

Moving to the U.K. after college graduation. It was supposed to be a 6 month adventure to experience the world and travel (which I did!) but I also met my (now) husband and ended up staying for 3 years! It started a lifetime of travel and adventure (we’ve lived in 5 states and 3 countries in our 17 years together). 

Attitude is

a choice.

Pat Head Summit



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Just keep swimming, swimming swimming...




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Passion. I am always attracted to people who have passion about something. Even if our passions aren’t the same- it inspires me to make sure I am pursuing my passions. 

Something People May Not Know About Me:


I’ve lived abroad twice in my adult life and I still stink at languages! And as much as I travel- Rocky Top Tennessee will always be home sweet home to me- I am a massive Tennessee Volunteer football fan and rock my orange pretty much everyday.  


My Favorite Thing To Do For Fun:


I love to workout, I also love good food and conversation.