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Carissa Seaton class instructor smiling

Carissa Seaton

Cardio, Strength,

Core, Stretch  

Fitness Background:

I've always loved to workout and try as many types of fitness as possible. When we lived in Switzerland, I became friends with a woman who taught this amazing program called Friskis & Svettis (Swedish for “fun and sweaty) and started going. She convinced me to try out to become a leader and I spent 2 weeks in Sweden and a week in Brussels doing my training. I taught their program called jympa in Switzerland for 2.5 years before moving back to the states. I've completed several certifications in the States but haven’t been inspired to jump back into teaching until iGnite. I love the positivity of the philosophy and the ladies I get to interact with. 



Attitude is
a choice.
Pat Head Summit

What Led Me To iGnite:

A chance meeting at a neighborhood pool with Neissa. Thank goodness because iGnite was my lifeline last summer after a cross country move. I was inspired and found a group of amazing women! 

Teaching Philosophy:

Fitness should be safe, fun, and sustainable! 



I am from a huge extended family and even though we are scattered throughout the country, we are still very close. I have a very strong sense of family, and make sure my friends always feel like family as well. 

When I'm Not Working, I'm…

Raising my 3 kids and 3 Italian Greyhounds AND working on my graduate degree to become a Marriage and Family Therapist. 

Life-Changing Experience:

Moving to the U.K. after college graduation. It was supposed to be a 6 month adventure to experience the world and travel (which I did!) but I also met my (now) husband and ended up staying for 3 years! It started a lifetime of travel and adventure (we’ve lived in 5 states and 3 countries in our 17 years together). 

Carissa candid 3.jpeg
Carissa candid.jpeg


Passion. I am always attracted to people who have passion about something. Even if our passions aren’t the same- it inspires me to make sure I am pursuing my passions. 

Something People May Not Know About Me:

I’ve lived abroad twice in my adult life and I still stink at languages! And as much as I travel- Rocky Top Tennessee will always be home sweet home to me- I am a massive Tennessee Volunteer football fan and rock my orange pretty much everyday.  

My Favorite Thing To Do For Fun:

I love to workout, I also love good food and conversation. 


Just keep swimming, swimming swimming.


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