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back to awesome
Body, Mind& spirit reboot

Reboot Launch

Thursday, October 7

 12-1pm CST

A time for you to unplug your system and rebuild your awesome body, mind and spirit!

Do You Ever Think:

1.  I wish life were simpler?
2. Why can't I concentrate or focus? 
3. I just want to feel healthy and connected.

Looking Back

When I founded iGnite in Austin, Tx in October 2006, current conveniences and the ability to obtain excessive amounts of information and nonsense wasn't possible. While we do know more now, life was surely simpler then! Just think back to 2006:

  • Gluten-free wasn't "a thing"!

  • Facebook, Twitter and Netflix were infants, while Instagram and TikTok were non-existent!

  • The concept of super-foods was just coming onto the scene and most of us pronounced quinoa, Acai and Gogi berries embarrassingly wrong - myself included!  

  • Amazon and food deliveries (except pizza) were unheard of!

  • We still used Sweet & Low and Equal to sweeten our coffee and tea- WHAT?!?

  • We read real paper books. There was no such thing as a kindle

Present Time

Today, despite information at our fingertips and conveniences galore, life has become increasingly more complicated and stressful. Add the year 2020 to our life and we have inadvertently hopped on the bullet train of unhealthy and dangerous habits and behaviors.  While we unfortunately can't turn back the clock, we do have the ability, through our choices, to go Back to Awesome! 


Why Reboot?

A reboot is the act of shutting down and restarting, as a result of errors in the software system. I believe we have errors in our software system, myself included. I also believe these “errors” can be fixed. It’s just a matter of giving them the time and attention they need and replacing the faulty software with new, healthy and sustainable software. 

The Goal

1. Week-by-week we'll identify and release: habits, behaviors, actions, thoughts, foods, relationships and things in our life that are not in alignment with our values and cause avoidable stress, anxiety, confusion and chaos in our body, mind and spirit!

2. Week-by-week we'll replace the non-serving, counterproductive and stress forming habits, behaviors, actions, thoughts, foods, relationships and things that are not productive and in alignment with a healthy body, mind and spirit! 


$125 iGnite Members

$150 Non-Member

"Your mind, emotions and body are instruments and the way you align and tune them determines how well you play life."
-Harbhajan Singh Yogi" 


7 Weekly Gatherings

  • Thurs. Oct 7  Launch

  • Thurs. Oct 14

  • Thurs. Oct 21

  • Tues. Oct 26

  • Thurs. Nov 4

  • Thurs. Nov 11

  • Thurs. Nov 18



12-1:00pm CST


Anywhere (Virtual Event) 
*if missed, sessions will be recorded

Meet Your Host

 Founder, Neissa Springmann

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