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Live Class Schedule

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8:30-9:30am CST

Power HIIT w/Neissa Springmann

Start your week off with a dose of POWER! This class combines muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance exercises in the form of HIIT intervals (high intensity interval training). Think lifting weights mixed with body weight and cardio intervals, taking you to the edge of your fitness "comfort zone"--where all the magic occurs. This workout is easily modifiable, making it appropriate for all levels and will send you into your week filled with Power!

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8:30-9:30am CST

Fire & Flow w/Neissa Springmann

This upbeat, fun and full body workout experience pairs cardio, sculpt and flow.  Just when your heart-rate sores and muscles catch fire, you'll be taken into a lengthening and rejuvenating flow and or series of stretches, to then amp it back flow and repeat.  Get ready to sweat, and smile!

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8:30-9:30am CST
Muscular Max Out w/Neissa Springmann

Consider this class an old-fashion strength class. Purely focusing on strength exercises (no cardio, no impact, no dynamic exercises), this class targets every major muscle throughout the body with emphasis on slow and controlled movements, technique and form. 

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8:30-9:00am CST
Total Body Tabata w/Neissa Springmann

Looking for a quick and effective way to improve your strength, endurance and toning results? The Tabata protocol is the perfect way!  This 30-min power-based high intensity interval training class will keep your heart pumping and burn and tone every inch of your body.  So get ready to sweat, be challenged, transform your body and have some serious fun! 

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9:00-9:30am CST
Total Body Stretch w/Neissa Springmann

Enjoy 30 minutes of a relaxing and calming total body stretch and roll. From static stretching to rolling, we'll hold stretches, roll out tender spots and enjoy 30 minutes of relaxation bliss. 

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