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We believe in the healing and strengthening powers of nature – if we can be outdoors, we will!

We also believe that providing a variety of class types allow the body, mind, and spirit to be in balance. With over 30 classes each week including cardio, strength, toning, core, yoga, swimming, Pilates, dance and more, there is truly something for everyone. All of our classes can be modified, all are appropriate for any fitness level and, because we realize that each day is different, we give our members the flexibility to choose their classes each week as their needs, wants  and schedules change.


Our creative, and diverse classes also include a strong social element.

We root for each other. We recognize when someone’s missing. We form personal bonds and lasting friendships. And we laugh a lot.  

In addition to our fitness classes, we write and share an inspirational journal each week and offer various special events from wellness presentations to exclusive shopping events to festive parties!

We also plan remote and local trips called iGnite Escapes to explore various destinations together. 

We’d love for you to try iGnite and become part of our community, just email and let us know how we can bring iGnite to your life. 

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