A Pelvic Floor Workshop For Women

As a result of pregnancy and childbirth, many of us experience a weakened pelvic floor which can become a point of frustration, embarrassment and can impact our ability to enjoy all of life's activities. In this two-hour workshop, Physical Therapist of Sullivan Physical Therapy, Anissa Akrout, will provide an overview of basic pelvic floor anatomy and function, with focus on the issues of urinary and fecal incontinence, painful sex, pelvic prolapse, and diastasis recti--all symptoms of a weakened pelvic floor. Anissa will provide health tips, exercises, yoga poses, time for Q & A and ways physical therapy can help strengthen your pelvic floor.

Date:  Sunday, Nov 3

Time: 2-4

Location: Lotus Room at Castle Hill Fitness, 1112 North Lamar Blvd 



Member $30

Non-Member $35