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“From my very first class, I have enjoyed Amy’s enormous heart, enthusiasm, patience, and love of Yoga. She makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable. Her clarity and enthusiasm make every practice a unique and rewarding experience. Yoga is the only time of the week when everything stops and I just relax, clear my mind and enjoy. I can’t imagine Amy and yoga not being part of my life.” – Lisa J.


CardiYo Flow

This fun, innovative, total-body workout fuses yoga with low-impact HIIT. Crafted by iGnite leader, iron-woman-yogi Alli Phillips, the class combines classic vinyasa flow sequences with short bouts of high energy and high intensity cardio exercise. Alli emphasizes a balance between “sthira and sukha,” effort and ease, which she says is critical to overall physical fitness and key to emotional and spiritual well-being. 

Yo So Strong

This is the sister workout to CardiYo Flow, combining yoga with traditional strength training. Along with functional body weight exercises, a wide variety of strength training modalities are included: free-weights, medicine balls, and resistance bands to name a few. CardiYo Flow and Yo So Strong will make you Oh So Strong - in body, mind, and spirit!

Power Pilates 
This low-impact, creative and fun class is based on the classical Pilates mat series and led with upbeat music. A variety of bands, balls, rollers, weights and ‘the magic circle’ are used to keep the experience unique and challenging for all levels. Focus is on total body strength so that muscle balance, symmetry and core stability are challenged with every workout. Every exercise is performed with attention to breath, proper form, and efficient movement patterns that translate to better posture and more ease in everyday life! (This class take place at Rollingwood Park because it’s a beautiful and easily accessible park. When we can hold a class outdoors, we will because we believe in the healing powers of nature. Once the temperatures consistently change to cooler mornings, this class moves into Alisa’s Dance Studio in Westlake.)

Vinyasa Yoga

Set on the beautiful serene Rowing Dock on Lake Austin, or in the Treehouse Yoga Studio sanctuary, our Vinyasa Yoga classes will keep you calm & cool. Enjoy invigorating and rejuvenating sun salutations, cleansing and detoxing twists, and flow sequences that will build strength and stamina.

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