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Your Greatest Super Power Is.....

"I am strong. I am brave. Together we are unstoppable." - Unknown

Point To Ponder: When going gets tough do you reach out to others to help or do you attempt to conquer alone?

As we round third base of our "I Love the Way I Look & Feel Challenge", many of you are working to achieve your thirty classes goal within this sixth and final week. Even if you are not participating in the challenge you may be trying to generate the drive to take two to three classes,....or possibly your motivation tank is running veeery low and attending one class feels daunting. If so, I have the resolution: "other people"..or in iGnite terms: WE!

As individuals, each of us have our unique set of strengths or super powers. What you're strong at I'm not so much, what I'm strong at, you're not so much. This is what I think is so brilliant about our design. God created each of us in a way so we aren't complete without one another, but together, WE are. I like using the phrase: two halves make a whole, so while each of us has a special super power, our greatest super power is when your half meets up with someone else's half. The result: a "whole" bunch of can-do, everything is possible, kick-butt is created.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, according to The Art of Impossible, in order to achieve what's called "high/hard goals", other people matter. "Whenever we encounter a difficult situation, the brain makes a certain risk assessment based on the quality and quantity of close relationships. If you have friends and family around to help you attack the problem, your potential for solving the problem or success increases significantly. The brain treats the situation as an interesting challenge, not a dangerous threat. The result is: dopamine. The brain gives you a squirt of the good stuff to prepare you to rise to that challenge." Taking thirty classes in six weeks is certainly a challenge, but depending on what's occurring in your life, ginning up the energy or will to exercise (at all) can also be a challenge.

The book continues: if you have to face that situation alone, without emotional support or outside assistance, your likelihood of success decreases and your anxiety level increases. Instead of dopamine, you get stress chemicals like cortisol. Since chemicals can crush performance, if you're interested in the impossible, the basic biology of your nervous system demands that you take other people along for the ride.

Circling back to the top: we all need a high/hard goal. They keep us sharp and on our toes. Achieving them takes focus, courage, grit and the vulnerability to include others. So, whether it's completing your thirtieth class or simply getting to one class after having taken a few weeks off, grab a buddy and let's go 👊🏽!


Action Item: Whatever your goal or "impossible" is, invite at least one friend to join you for encouragement, support and added enthusiasm.


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