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You Made the Best of It!

To state the obvious, this summer looked different from summers of past, but by the looks of all the happy, creative and fun iGnite Around the World pictures we received, you made the best of it!  Some of you flew to your destinations of choice, and others drove all over the country.  Many of us stay-cationed and took advantage of any and every local outdoor cool opportunity we could find.  Again, we made the best of it!

And while summer 2020 will always be marked by the virus, my hope is that we will view this summer as the summer that gave us the most unique opportunity to think outside of the box and travel, have fun and spend time with family and friends in ways we may have never thought possible.

Summer 2020 taught us to never take for granted the freedom of health, group gatherings, travel and the ability to spend time with family and friends when and however we choose. 

As I've written in the past, I believe the act of graciously closing one door (or season) so we can walk into the next season open-minded, enthusiastic and with gratitude is the key to a successful transition. This isn't to say the entire season is celebration-worthy, rather, it's the idea of pausing to acknowledge, say "thank you" to and celebrate what you did experience (the high and the lows) as well as any goals you accomplished and growth that occurred within you. It's as simple as scrolling through your summer pictures or looking through your day planner -- that likely has more white space than ever before.  When was the last time that happened?! All in all, summer 2020 may have been frustrating, but it wasn't terrible. Therefore, before diving into the fall season (post Labor Day) and closing the door on summer 2020 all-together, I encourage you to find time this week to PAUSE... and take the opportunity to reflect on the entire summer to acknowledge your highs, lows, growth, goals accomplished, ah-ha moments and the things you are grateful for and will never take for granted again!  ...I suspect there are many :-)  Love, Neissa


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