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Why You Can't Ever Quit

Point to Ponder:

Do you think your fittest and most fun years of your life have already passed and you have to be timid as your age?

At first sight and if you didn't know better you'd think this was just a picture of four girlfriends enjoying a ski tip together. True! However, there's more to it. In this picture are two grandmothers (6 grandchildren combined) on their annual ski/snow boarding trip and the secret is, one of the women is 59 and the other is over 60...and because they haven't allowed age to define their limits and continue taking tip-top care of themselves through strength, power and endurance training, they've NEVER felt better flying down the slopes!

Check out iGnite Austin Leader, Kathleen Parker's, powerful snow-boarding testimonial and why she's never felt better...and why, if you fully want to participate in life, you can't ever quit! 

"I just have to say that because of my diligence in strength training, power training and endurance training I have never felt better or faster on my snowboard!!! It was amazing to feel so confident!

I had more energy, more endurance, and more FUN due to strengthening the muscles around my joints and making this year the

BEST snowboarding year of my LIFE!! And… another iGniter who was on the trip with me (who works out at LEAST 5 days a week and that is 5 years older than I) said the same thing and felt like it was HER BEST YEAR EVER!!

This just proves to me that IT WORKS!!! Life gets BETTER, more ENJOYABLE, and more EXCITING no matter WHAT YOUR AGE if you are diligent in STAYING STRONG, keeping up your ENDURANCE and continuously working on your POWER!!!"


Action Item

Schedule your week full of iGnite classes and be sure to incorporate strength, power and endurance training.


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