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Who Can You Encourage?

A few months back while staying at a friend's house I noticed a bulletin board covered with special notes. Because the notes weren't mine I felt it was inappropriate to read them; however I did briefly skim them and in doing so, they made me smile and I was encouraged for my friend. I left her house thinking what a great idea it was to have the notes where she could easily read them, and how good seeing the heartfelt words must make her feel. So, I stole the idea and did something similar in my office.

Much like having my vision board hung so I can see the things that excite me, inspire me and I want to experience in life, I also need to see the written encouragement to pick me up. There are so many times when I'm filled with self-doubt and down in the dumps, and within seconds of reading a few kind and encouraging words, my whole demeanor changes. My attitude shifts from "no" to “oh yes I can!”

Encouragement comes in various ways. Sometimes it's reminding someone of their talents, gifts, and all you see in them; and sometimes encouragement is taking the time to listen, reminding him/her that you are on their team and you will walk alongside them and conquer the mountain with them. Then there are other times when encouragement comes in non-verbals, such as a hug, fist bump, high-five, and smile.

Regardless of the person or season of life, every single one of us needs encouragement and every single one of us needs a supportive community to climb and conquer mountains with. Maybe the encouragement is a text, phone call or email, or maybe it's an invitation to join you for a workout, a walk or a meal. Either way, I encourage you to find someone to encourage this week and turn her self-doubting "no" into an "OH YES I CAN!"

Love...and Oh YES YOU CAN!


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