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What We're Adding & Removing During Lent

Last Wednesday was Ash Wednesday, kicking off the season of Lent. Lent marks longer days, the coming of spring, a season of growth and the lead up to Easter. Lent is a beautiful opportunity to rearrange priorities, rhythms, or practices that might deepen your relationship with God and/or refresh your soul. In the spirit of gaining wisdom, knowledge, insight and inspiration, I reached out to Our Team to learn how they were approaching Lent. As expected, their answers were insightful and inspiring, and I know you'll find them insightful and inspiring too!


Alice- Rather than going straight into my latest book at bedtime (which is what I look forward to most each night), I'll be replacing it with “journaling”, so I can take the time to pause before I go to sleep each night and reflect on my day.

Amy- I am adding a little extra time to my morning ritual of journaling to listen to a Lenten series on the Hallow app called “Imitation of Christ.” It really helps me start my day intentionally and breathes life into my journaling afterwards. I find I keep God in my hip pocket throughout the day when I begin my morning with prayer, inspiration and reflection time. I am getting up a little earlier so I don’t feel rushed and slip back into my tendency to “multi-task” (ie. listen to the app while getting dressed, eating, etc.)

Carissa- I’m adding in some mindfulness time each day, replacing some identified “numbing” activities like a glass of wine or scrolling on social media.

Jill- I am giving up sweets, like candy, cookies, cakes, I am not a big sweet eater but for some reason since Christmas I have been eating a lot more of that stuff! Like nightly and I feel like it has contributed to inflammation in my body so hoping that will improve by eliminating this throughout lent! I will most likely have something on my bday which is Mar.30 😊

Kathleen- I plan on keeping a daily journal and writing down how i saw and felt God working in that day. I plan on doing that each evening. I’m hoping this will help me close out a day with more gratitude for how God guides me through navigating each day.

Molly- I’ve been off social media since January 1st (with maybe two or three check ins since then). I’ve found that while I miss seeing pictures of friends and family that I’m a better version of myself when I don’t spend a lot of time on it. With that said, I might post here and there throughout the year, but my Lenten focus (and truly throughout the entire year) is to continue to put that “scroll time” elsewhere - praying, journaling, putting my phone away completely while playing with my kids, etc.

Me - When I need a brain-break, I've gotten in the habit of scrolling social media which is never quick. I’ll be giving that up and replacing it with a 30-minute meditative outdoor “walk and pray” or “walk and listen”. This was once part of my daily routine but I've let it slip away. This time outdoors always inspires me, energizes me, gives me clarity and reconnects me with God.


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