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Our dear friend and iGnite member Kendall Marquardt just so happens to have a beautifully awesome little business Sugar Skin Yoga (, and besides partnering with us for this lovely giveaway (see our IG or Facebook posts for 4/20) she's also sharing her very favorite (and affordable thank you), beauty products! Thanks Kendall!

P.S. You can buy all of these from Sugar Skin LLC! ๐Ÿ˜Š


Pre-cleanse(oil, oil cleanser) I recommend MARA Skincare Cleansing Oil.

Facial oil after tinted sunscreen and last step at bedtime I recommend MARA

Skincare Universal Face Oil.


For longer lasting, deep-layer hydration, oil moisturizers will provide the most hydration and anti-aging benefits. They also create lubrication for the hair follicle helping to prevent in-grown hairs. I recommend Now Brand Almond, Apricot, or Avocado Oil. Buy from HEB, Whole Foods, Sprouts, etc.

Exfoliation through sugar hair removal, removes dead skin cells and hair to speed-up the cell renewal process and help to push newer, collagen-filled skin cells to the surface - yay! I like rough gloves + Dr. Bronners โ€“ 1x/day exfoliation with clean soap (not Dial, Dove, etc - these are way too high in alkaline levels and will dry the skin!)


Jason Vitamin E 32,000 IU is the best for under-eyes. Dab the spatula directly under the eye and tap it in to blend. The shiny layer of thick oil will keep your under eyes moisturized ALL

NIGHT helping to reverse and prevent fine lines!

I recommend Revitalash serum for lashes and brows.


Chemical Exfoliant 1x/week OR professional chemical peel 1x/6-weeks.

For at-home, I recommend Moss Mornings, or get a professional peel at my spa/salon Sugar Skin LLC! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Mechanical Exfoliant ~3x/week. I recommend Sir Activ by Sircuit Skin โ€“ buy from Sugar

Skin LLC


Scalp Serum promotes and extends growth phase (similar technology as Revitalash) while soothing and hydrating the scalp. After 1 month of use hair feels stronger, moisturized, and

naturally less frizzy! I recommend Act + Acre Stem Cell Serum

Hair Oil is excellent for ends โ€“ The Now brand Apricot Oil is perfect at nighttime!

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