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They're Loving How They Look & Feel! Words & Wisdom from Our Challenge Winners

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

"While it is wise to learn from experiences, it is wiser to learn from the experiences from others." - Rick Warren

From February 1 through March 14, many of you participated in our "Love the Way I Look and Feel" Challenge, with the challenge being to take 30 classes in 45 days! It was by far our most difficult challenge. Excitingly, 12 iGniters crushed the challenge, and because there is always something to learn from others, not only do we want to acknowledge and congratulate our 12 winners, but we also want to hear from them and learn exactly *how* they managed to complete 30 classes in 45 days!

Congratulations to our 12 Challenges Crushers and to those of you who weren't able to compete the challenge, great job! They'll be more challenges and we are confident you'll crush the next.

Congratulations to our 12 Challenge Winners:

  • Alice Meadows- Austin

  • Chris Kihara- San Diego

  • JJ Langston- At Home

  • Jamie McCornack- Austin

  • Kati Ohlmeyer- Austin

  • Kristen Montan- At Home

  • Lisa Joseph- Austin

  • Lisa Wade- Austin

  • Lisa Willis- At Home

  • Martha Lynn Mangum- Austin

  • Melissa Morrow- Austin

  • Nancy Dacy- Austin

1. Why did you accept the challenge/what was your motivation?

  • I'm so inspired by Neissa and the folks I see most mornings at 8:30 am and they made me want to do it.

  • The challenge helps me get up in the morning when it is dark and rainy.

  • I needed a goal to shoot for. My motivation was accountability and losing the weight gained from the holidays.

  • A challenge just gives me a little added incentive. “ok, I can do this.”

2. It would’ve been easy to quit the challenge, so how and why did you stay focused?

  • It was very helpful to see this group still exercising in the winter storm and the aftermath and to know I should just keep going - that I would feel better if I didn't quit.

  • I did not want to let down my fellow is so much easier to work out together!

  • Once I start something, I have to finish it! This is something I always have to do if I have no excuse.

  • Once I start something, I really want to finish it. I think we ingrained in our kids that once you start something, you finish it.

3. What was your biggest takeaway from the challenge/what did you learn?

  • I kept hearing Neissa say, "Whether I believe - 'I can't' or 'I can" - is what will happen. Well that's a paraphrase but that's the gist of it:)

  • I prioritize time for exercise, especially when I am busy the investment of time pays back 3 times in the energy and focus I can bring back to my work and family.

  • Weight loss is not that important. Gaining muscle is better than gaining fat! I felt stronger and better about myself each day - this “weighed” more in the long run than the pounds lost.

  • It could be done and there were ample opportunities. Don’t give up!

4. What was the hardest part of the challenge?

  • Burpees.Don't.Like.Them.

  • Because of the snowstorm I had already exceeded my phone's highspeed internet access so I had to attend a few classes during that time over the phone with no video...Neissa, Paula, and Amy all did a great job of leading me through the exercises.

  • Keeping my food consumption in check. I love to eat, but I know if I want to lose weight, this was 80% of my battle.

  • 45 days just seemed a long time.

5. What was your favorite part of the challenge?

  • Fun cardio, great new classes, good music lists

  • Exercising with my workout buddies!

  • Going to the iGnite work outs of course 😉! I love the community, even the ones in the library. Honestly, I am a “check list” person and love seeing my lists completed.

  • It made me branch out and try online classes which I had heard were so good. Yes, I am not a fan of online, but, yes, these classes are good and hard and provided a change. Having the online option saved me!! I could work out during the ice storm and even one Friday morning when I had to stay home for a repairman.

6. How do you feel after accomplishing the challenge?/Do you notice any changes in the way you look/feel/mindset?

  • I feel better physically and mentally and am grateful for that!

  • Good, I am using heavier weights more consistently.

  • I definitely feel stronger physically and mentally. I know I HAVE to do something physical every day. This is something I need to check off my list on a daily.

  • I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment. Whew, I did it! I feel good and it has made me get back to those 5 classes a week that I used to do regularly.

7. For someone interesting in participating in an exercise challenge, what is your secret to success? Do you have a winning strategy?

  • The group make it fun and doable.

  • Show up...especially on the days you really don't feel like it...I have never regretted going to class!

  • My secret to this challenge was having my husband on the same page. We ate the same and exercised every day. Working from home actually helped for the eating part. Even though we didn’t exercise together, we always checked in with each other to make sure we both exercised that day.

  • I take my classes as early s possible and don't wait until the end of the day. You never know what will come in to your life that may prevent you from getting in that one last class or two.

8. What’s your favorite way to celebrate after a big win, like completing this challenge?

  • Sleeping in a couple of mornings and going on a long hike with the dogs.

  • My favorite way to celebrate any challenge is with my favorite meal! Sushi (with the rice) is my go to with a nice cocktail (or two). The next day would be back to my regularly scheduled program.

  • Honestly, throwing away the calendar-HA!


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