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The Health Benefits of Walking Barefoot

Point To Ponder: How often do you walk barefoot?

While one our foundational principles is outdoor exercise and spending time in nature, I am realizing we aren't talking or emphasizing the importance near enough. Time outdoors and in nature is critical for our overall health, wellness and well-being. Our bodies are made to be connected with nature, in fact, research shows us that walking barefoot outdoors is healing and great for our health!

According to, when you walk on the ground barefoot (or earthing) and your feet touches the soil directly, your body absorbs negative electrons from the earth. The negative ions help to balance the positive ions in our body and improve our health. It stabilizes our cortisol circadian rhythm to balance our internal bioelectrical environment. Moreover, as the pressure points in the feet are activated by walking barefoot, we feel a lot more energized. Studies have found that earthing positively alters the electrical activity in our brain which is gauged by electroencephalograms.

Research has also discovered that walking barefoot improves the following:

  • immunity

  • glucose regulation

  • skin conductivity

  • reduces stress & anxiety and checked heart rate variability.

According to a study released in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine in 2013, earthing also helps to improve the surface charge of red blood cells. This helps to lower blood cell clumping and decrease blood viscosity, reducing the chances of cardiovascular disease. The study also discovered that walking barefoot can regulate both nervous systems and the endocrine.

It is for all of these reasons I encourage you to kick off your shoes as often as possible and walk in the fresh summer grass, beach sand, or mountain dirt, and also watch this fascinating movie titled "The Earthing Movie", detailing this fascinating information.


Action Item: Walk barefoot and outside at least once a day and as often as possible.

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