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The Gift of Our Community and the Big "G"

In iGnite, having fun and celebrating is always a top priority, and over the past 15 years we’ve done a lot of it, and we will continue to. For the sake of October, our birthday month, I’d like to tie a bow around our 15th birthday by celebrating the encouragement, empowerment, inspiration, edification and generational wisdom that is prevalent within our community. In fact, your vulnerability and willingness to openly share your talents, passions, humor, treasures, experiences and wisdom is one of the single greatest gifts we regularly give to one another. In fact, it's my favorite thing about our community, as I am one of the many beneficiaries of everything listed above. Thank you!

I'm always amazed but never shocked when the right person shows up in our life (at just the right time), or when someone says the exact thing we need to hear, or we learn someone has experienced something we are currently going through. In iGnite, this happens all of the time and is no coincidence. This is why the "G" in iGnite is capitalized. It represents the rich and abundant blessings God has placed on the business and our community. After talking and spending time with you or hearing about connections and shares made in class, my mind is regularly blown, and I love it! If you've been in iGnite for at least the past couple of months, you know what I'm talking about. If you're new to our community, we are so thankful for you and can't wait for you to experience all of these blessings.

Regardless of our age, upbringing, season of life, where we live, passions, or experiences, our lives are perfectly and purposefully intertwined. Sometimes we get to be the bearer of a blessing and sometimes we get to be the receiver of blessings, but either way, we've been placed in one another's lives and in this community so we can sharpen, support, encourage and edify each other. As you attend our classes, events, or anything iGnite-related, I encourage you to notice the incredible woman who surround you and know you were purposefully placed in their lives and vice versa. You have what they need and they have what you need. This is the gift of our community.

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