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All the Ways We Stay Well

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

We're starting to hear some coughs and sniffles - cold and flu season is upon us! We all know working out regularly goes a long way toward keeping our bodies healthy, but our team has a few more favorite tricks up their sweatshirt sleeves to share!

Amy: I try to use my neti pot (nasal irrigation) regularly, practice breathing exercises, and I diffuse and breathe in the essential oil “Breathe”, a respiratory blend from doTERRA.

Oh, and I do more yoga!

Rebecca: I get lots of rest and drink plenty of water with Emergen-C!

Kathleen: Always WORK OUT DAILY no matter what the weather!

That's it! I'm all about exposure to the elements for good health!

Molly: I'll take Vitamins C, D and zinc if I start to feel yucky.

I also give my kids Mary Ruth’s Vitamin C drops every morning.

Rory: My go to when the weather gets cold and my hands get dry is Beauty Counter Hand Savior Radiance Boosting Serum + Hand Sanitizer. This stuff takes years off my dry hands.

Jill: I take vitamin c packs, and sometimes zinc if I feel like I'm getting sick, and if I have a cold or anything.

I also try and drink more water!

Betty: Extra Vitamin C, Zinc, drink a lot of water, Flonase before I run, more sleep and exercise.


Neissa: I have a good bit of ideas about much that I wrote a whole blog post about my top 10 things for avoiding getting sick during cold and flu season!


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